Raspberry Yumtart @ The Lantern

Let me tell you, I have been hunting down these elusive babies for over a semester now.

Actually, my friend Dan (Check out his cereal reviews and dish worthy tweets) and I have been tirelessly searching (around our chaotic schedules) for these home made, loved filled Pop Tart style pastries created by Rise Grand Rapids, a local bakery in Grand Rapids, MI.

So many links already and we’re only toe-deep into this post. You’re welcome!

Rise, unfortunately, does not have its own bakery location, but instead delivers all kinds of made from scratch,vegan, soy and gluten free, ingredient conscious goodies to local cafes and hangouts around GR. Seriously, even if you’re not into bakery goods (who are you?!), just go take a look at their photography of it all. Both whimsical and delicious!

Finally, at the end of a Wednesday of what seemed like a wild and fast paced week, Dan and I spotted it. We were walking from a networking event and decided to stop in and have a quick cup of coffee at Lantern and perhaps get a little bit more work done when we saw a rosy-mauve frosted tart in their pastry box. We weren’t even seeking it out! Since it was later in the evening I assumed much of their bakery items would be scooped up by now.


I picked up a house brew and restrained myself to just one Yum Tart. Although I certainly wanted to take home a few, they were priced at $4.00 each, and I still needed dinner. For that price I wish they were a little denser or larger, but really the size is fine. Hopefully over time the price of these will go down, even if just to $3.50.

Rise’s website mentions flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, and cherry, but I’ve spotted new flavors popping up on their Instagram like this raspberry one, strawberry lemonade, and blueberry lemonade flavors. I’m looking forward to the possible flavors to come- brown sugar and cinnamon? Chai or espresso? Maybe even a sweet and savory herb tart…

Anyways, this little pocket didn’t let us down. Aesthetically, all of the flavors of Yum Tart’s make my eyes and heart happy.


“It’s like a Pop Tart that went to art school,” – Dan Goubert, March 2017

Let’s break this tart into three acts-

The frosting on top of the tart was unique- lightly sweet, and surprisingly lemony and fruity. I really enjoyed the coloring on this flavor as well- no artificial bright red dyes here.

The crust of the pastry was buttery and flaky, pulling through where Pop Tart’s fall short. The edges were really perfect, golden brown and a little crunchy. When dunked into hot coffee it keeps its integrity while absorbing some of the coffee flavor.

The filling was real raspberry puree, full of seeds and that beautiful deep red color. You can tell the filling is not just some sugary jam because of its mix of tartness and super sweetness from the different ripeness of the berries. The texture was more on the chewy side than jelly. Again, I wish there would be bit more here to really add some weight to the pastry, but the amount inside balanced well with the crust and sweet frosting. Altogether reminiscent of late spring time.


So this first Yum Tart has only fueled our quest to find these guys around town, and I hope to have a chance to try every flavor eventually. Here’s a list of where Rise delivers on what days if you’re interested in checking them out too:

Ferris Coffee (Winter Ave) // Monday thru Saturday at 7:30am

Lantern Coffee // Monday thru Sunday at 7:45am

Ferris Coffee (Trust Building) // Monday thru Saturday at 8am

Sparrows Coffee // Monday thru Sunday at 8:30am

Global Infusion // Mondays, Fridays, & Saturdays at 9am

Lightfast Coffee Bar // Fridays & Saturdays at 9am

Relish Green Grocer // Saturdays at 9am



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