Pecan Pie Whiskey

Let me share with you the short and slightly disappointing story of my first legal shot.

December 15th, smack dab in the middle of finals week, 11:59 pm. I’m laying on my living room floor, back sore from staring uncomfortably at my studies for the last few hours. The last thing I cared about was turning 21.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I had been waiting to turn 21 ever since Freshman year of college when I was introduced to the magical world of alcohol (but that’s a different story).

I WAS looking forward to my 21st birthday, but it was a Wednesday, the middle of finals week, and none of my friends seemed to care. Which, why should they? Like I said, it was finals week, and my room mates and I were all stressed with our own final assignments and tests.

Two minutes later, one of my room mates and our friend rushes into the living room to my surprise and yell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” at my face. After a few minutes, they convinced me to go to Meijer to make my first alcohol purchase (wild, right? I didn’t buy my first drink at a bar for a couple of weeks after my actual birthday).

The alcohol isle is intimidating to a fresh legal 21 year old, or so it was to me. I had dreamt of the moment I could peruse on my own, pick out a bottle or a pack, and purchase it with my own ID and credit card. Gone were the days of giving someone with a fake ID my wad of cash and asking for whatever $12 dollars could get me.

I went into the isle with no game plan, no true idea of what I wanted to buy. Until I laid my eyes on Pie Hole Whiskey.

Specifically, Pecan Pie Whiskey.


The pin-up girl inspired packaging caught my eye, followed by the unique and delicious sounding flavors. Each bottle contains its own character- Pecan Pie, the one I purchased, is represented by Sweet Peggy. Pie Hole also offers Cherry Pie and Apple Pie varieties.

I proudly purchased my Pie Hole, was told “Happy Birthday” by the cashier, and hopped into the car to head home. We stopped through the McDonald’s drive through, got some fries, turned up the music, and headed home to try the whiskey.

My first legal shot was Pecan Pie flavored Whiskey. If you don’t like whiskey, first of all how dare you, but second of all, you will like Pie Hole. If you like pie, you will love Pie Hole. And if you like having a warm, fuzzy buzz, you will really love Pie Hole.

My room mate, our friend, and myself all took a celebratory shot (quietly, as our other two room mates were in bed.) The best way to describe the flavor is sticky sweet. The stuff even SMELLS like pie…and at 35% alcohol, it doesn’t mess around. After one shot, we could all feel the warm vibration only whiskey can provide. And man…it really does taste like a slice of pecan pie.

After a few minutes of reviewing the drink, our other two room mates came downstairs to see what they were missing. Thirty minutes later and we had all had a few shots of Sweet Peggy’s pecan pie. It doesn’t take long to get you buzzing. I will fondly remember that about this whiskey. Its sweet, warm, nutty, and I’m sure would make a nice mixed drink. Next fall I plan on mixing the Apple Pie flavor with apple cider. Any suggestions for the Cherry and Pecan Pie flavors are wanted.

If you’re looking for a sweet party favor or just your next seasonal shot, check out Pie Hole Pie Flavored Whiskey.



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