Doughnuts @ Sandy’s Donuts

Finally, the post we’ve all been waiting for. This time, I’ll be reviewing doughnuts I picked up at Sandy’s Donuts.

Sandy’s is an adorable mom-and-pop doughnut shop near the corner of Covell Ave and Leonard Street in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With options ranging from old fashioned, filled, cinnamon rolls, glazed or sprinkled, Sandy’s probably has something for you. And, if you get there around the right times, their shelves are PACKED. (From what I can tell, this means most weekdays before 3 pm. Don’t get your hopes up on the weekends!)

Aside from the doughnuts, they also carry cookies, muffins, cupcakes, and further into the restaurant is a small coffee bar.

So, get on with it! How are these doughnuts?!

Let me tell you…you won’t find a better classic doughnut for your money. Each doughnut is just one dollar. Sandy’s doughnuts are truly comforting, soft, and delicious. On three separate occasions, here is what I’ve had:

Top left: Cinnamon Sugar Twist. These were my favorite as a kid, and Sandy’s does em’ just right. They’re fluffy and sugary, and super long. Perfect for dunking into a tall mug of coffee.

Bottom left: Cherry Fritter. I tried this one mainly because it was aesthetically neat looking, a glazed mound of dough with pops of bright red cherries. Once again pretty fluffy, if you enjoy apple fritters then give this one a try. Also larger in size.

Center: Old Fashioned…something? Lets call it a Clam. I never caught the correct name of these things but to me, they resemble a glazed clam or shell. This thing was DENSE. Just holding it, you can tell it’s filled with jam. This one had blueberry pie filling and was by far the sweetest doughnut I’ve had from Sandy’s. The “old fashioned” dough was slightly crunchy yet sweet, giving way to a stuffed blueberry center. Although delicious, this one was difficult to finish on my own. I only suggest these to those with the sweetest-of-tooths.

Right: Chocolate Glazed. This was my first Sandy’s purchase, on Valentine’s Day. A standard chocolate coated doughnut, not only did this look great, it tasted great too.

I do, however, have single complaint about this doughnut spot. Sandy’s does not have Wifi, or a public restroom, so study-ers and loiterers be warned. Most customers tend to pop in and grab a dozen and leave anyways, But don’t worry, what it lacks in convenience, it makes up for with taste. Overall, Sandy’s is a great place to stop in and grab breakfast for you or your coworkers, family, etc.


One thought on “Doughnuts @ Sandy’s Donuts

  1. The fog was thick and left my skin slightly damp. I walked along the uneven sidewalk, unsure of where I was going or where I came from. For a moment I remembered my name. My mind was racing with things I thought I knew, only for them to disappear into thebfog as fastvas they came. Could I ever know anything ever again? The prospect grew further and further from from my own damned reality.

    In the distance I saw a purple light. A beacon perhaps, but I couldn’t be sure. I walked for a hundred miles, yet the beacon did not change. The sky was growing dark. My eyes grew heavy and an unnatural weariness pushed me to the ground. The ground was warm but provided no comfort.

    When I awoke I could see the beacon for what it really was, an old open sign. The building was still standing, but barely. Time had long since taken its beauty and left only fragments. The name ofbthe business was printed clearly above the door. I understood each character but I could not read it. Words, if they were still a thing, had no meaning anymore.


    Inside it was evident that tine had forgotten about this oasis. It was a pastry shop. Not a speck of dust was on the counter nor a fleck of dirt on the ground. My mouth watered at the sight of all the pastries. Shelves of doughnuts, muffins, and things I could not name. I walked behind the counter and took one in my hands. It was heavy and left a shimmer of sugar on my fingers. Trembling, I bit into it.

    Raspberry is gross.

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